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How to become a full-time fitness, health and wellness influencer

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

How do you become a full-time influencer? The secret is...you need to diversify your income. This will help provide you with more freedom, time and money so you can focus on doing what you love and sharing it with the world.

We’re living through an incredibly auspicious time where we have this amazing opportunity to follow our dreams and make them a reality. We can literally do anything we set our mind to but at the same time, a girl’s gotta eat, you know what I’m saying? We still need to earn enough money to survive. Only you can decide what would be considered “enough” for you but we’re going to go through a few methods of earning additional revenue to help get you on your way. The truth is it all comes down to one principal. Diversification.

What is “Diversification?”

Diversification is a pretty common term in the business world but we're going to break it down into bite-sized pieces. Let's take a well-balanced meal as an example. There’s a reason you don't eat only protein, you spread your portions amongst carbs and fats too because it helps minimise the risk of high cholesterol while at the same time, keeping you healthy. Diversification works similarly, in that you don't want to put all your eggs in one basket, you want to add those sides to create a delectable looking plate.

So as Practical Penny would preach, your career as a fitness, health or wellness influencer depends on diversifying your revenue streams so you can keep earning money doing what you love! The moment you limit your income to one source, you become a slave to it (and not in the cool way Britney portrays it). Ain't nobody got time for that.

If you’re asking “Why can’t I just go all in on this one thing?” i.e. Instagram. "Why can’t I just spend all my time focusing on that so I can eventually grow my following to crazy numbers, get big brand endorsements and live a rich AF life?” And the truth is you can, you can do just that but I want you to take note of the people that have already achieved such success

1. They don’t ever do just one thing. They have book deals, activewear lines, tv shows, brand endorsements, gyms, studios, speaking engagements, etc. They don’t just sit there and say, "I’m only going to focus on Instagram". It’s just not a smart business move. They see that channel as a way to share news about everything they've got going on and they diversify!

2. You can’t live off brand endorsements. The competition is tough out there. There are millions of people doing what you’re doing. Granted, not exactly what you’re doing but brands have very select criteria when it comes to endorsements. Firstly, they want to see that you’ve done stuff! Yes, things outside of your IG account. While you could be approached for a post here and there, that type of work doesn’t bring you a consistent income.

It’s also a time-for-money trade off which we’re not big fans of. We want you to alleviate the stress of these downtimes by establishing ongoing income streams that work for you, as in while you sleep! Another word for them is "Passive" income streams. You want to have a bit of everything on your pizza because the risk of only having one income stream with the risk that it could one day go "Poof!" will leave you with nothing.

3. The well goes up AND down: Speak to any influencer, there are months when they make good money and months when the well runs dry. This makes “living your passion” more stressful than it should be or even needs to be.

So how do you do it?

It's simple. Take the opportunities that present themselves. If you’ve garnered a decent following then you’re likely receiving emails about opportunities to partner with brands, collaborate with other influencers and work with new and exciting businesses in your space. Don’t disregard them because they’re not Nike, instead, take the time to speak with them and determine if it’s right for your brand. The more work you have to show, the more enticing you are to other brands. And I’m not saying do everything! I’m merely suggesting that you consider everything and evaluate whether it’s the right move for you.

Now is the time to be a micro-influencer

The market has become saturated, what once was worth a lot of money is now being dwindled down and micro-influencers have a lot more power than they used to. Those engaged communities that you’re fostering are getting the attention of larger brands and they are looking at diversifying THEIR spend, giving a little to a lot instead of a lot to a little.

It's about value

Some opportunities that present themselves may sound great but the moulah they're offering is less than ideal.

Consider whether the opportunity presented provides more value than it does financial compensation. While some proposals may appear a bit low on the cash front, they may provide you with opportunities that will allow you to garner a larger pay cheque later or offer other benefits. Increasing your following, improving your exposure, connecting you with the right people. These are all necessary aspects of growing your brand so consider the potential too.

Additional Revenue Streams

As a fitness, health and wellness guru, you have so much knowledge and untapped influence to leverage. Here are a few ways you can earn beyond your current business practices:

  1. Video Content (Loop App!)

  2. Personal training

  3. Group Training

  4. eBooks

  5. Opening up your own gym or studio

  6. Brand endorsements and partnerships (ads)

  7. Affiliations (Affiliate Marketing)

  8. Meal Plans

  9. Online Coaching

  10. Online Courses

  11. Events: Workshops, conferences

  12. Bootcamps, Programs

  13. Co-branded Products

  14. Your own equipment, activewear, supplement brands etc.

Remember, while the opportunity (and they are all opportunities) may not be your dream or exactly what you want to be doing, ask yourself – will it help you get there?

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