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14 Reasons why Micro-Influencers and Startups are a match made in heaven

Updated: May 18, 2018

Why should you even consider partnering with a Startup?

If you’re a micro-influencer (generally those with between 10,000 – 100,000 followers on social) in the fitness, health and wellness industries, then you’ve probably garnered the attention of other influencers, businesses and brands, all presenting you with new and exciting opportunities to collaborate. Some of these requests might be coming from Startups which tend to be met with a lot of fear and hesitation.

And we totally get it! Startups can get a bit of a bad rep but what you may not realise is that as a Micro-Influencer, they could become your biggest ally and here’s why:

1. You share common goals. Like you, they’re starting out so they understand where you’re at, what you’re going through and are eager and willing to help you achieve your goals. It’s likely you have similar ambitions, you want to grow, they want to grow…it’s that alignment and investment in each other that will make you both successful.

2. Your success is their success. There’s no other way to put it. If they’re investing in you, it’s because they trust that you will help them achieve their goal. The more successful you are, the more successful they are and vice versa. A mutually beneficial relationship, coupled with a win-win mentality is the best form of partnership.

3. They care more. Now this might sound a little controversial but there’s something about a Startup’s early adopters that makes them super special to the company’s Founders. They just hold a special place in their heart and that comes from simply believing in them and their vision. They will in turn care for you dearly! Because you took the chance on them. It’s the beginnings of a beautiful, long-standing friendship.

4. They’re open. They want to hear your ideas, suggestions and improvements. They’re goal is to make their business the best that it can be and if you have suggestions that can help them do that, they want to hear about it! You have a voice and an opportunity to help them help you.

5. Get access to the top. Given that Startups don’t often have large teams, it’s likely that if you have any feedback, questions, concerns, you will get them answered by the Founders themselves. They want to know what’s up and they have an eye on everything happening in the business. You just don’t get this un-vetted access to the CEO’s of large companies.

6. Not faceless conglomerates. It’s often easy to forget that these businesses are made up of people. They’re the ones behind every email, comment, like and DM, they know who you are and they’ve reached out because you’ve impacted them in some way. Their smaller size will also allow you to get to know them pretty well too. They will become an extension of your own team and you can call on them for advice, assistance or even a general chit chat over a cup of tea. You have an opportunity to create long-lasting relationships that will benefit you in the future.

7. They’re flexible. If you want something, all you need to do is ask. It’s in everyone’s best interests to work together to make something great. They’re not bound by millions of rules or levels of stakeholders, they can make changes easier and faster than big companies to help you get the outcome you want.

8. Take the risk. It’s no secret that startups are risky business but you need to determine whether the benefits outweigh the potential costs. If you take the plunge and dive in head-first with a startup and it goes well, then you’ve secured your spot for the ride up. If it fails, will it be merely time lost or will the risks be greater? Only you can determine that but at the end of the day, nothing ventured, nothing gained. And there’s always an upside, you will learn so much by simply being on the front line.

9. You will get treated like a rock star. While you might be a “Micro-influencer” in the greater social media landscape, you will receive rock star treatment from the startup you partner with. You are their star and they will treat you as such, they will be your biggest advocates.

10. It’s personal. It’s unlikely they’re dealing with hundreds of influencers, you have their attention, their focus and they are invested in building you up. You’re not just another post (even if it is a once-off post), they will value you and your effort because you’re helping them build their dream.

11. We’re all dreamers. Founders of Startups are passionate people that have a dream too. Just like you, their dreams are big and while they’re on the journey of making them a reality, they need the support and collaboration of influencers like yourself along the way. Let them help you make your dream a reality too.

12. They think differently. Unlike many large-scale companies and brands out there, Startup Founders have a different ethos. That’s the primary reason for their existence, they recognised a problem and found a new way to solve it. This runs through every vein of the company and they will approach everything in their own unique way. This is how they build their brand and differentiate themselves from their competition. What this means for you is that they may have some unorthodox ideas about the way things could and should be done. It’s these differences that are going to make them great so don’t be concerned if it’s not what you’re used to, they still have your best interests at heart and want you to succeed.

13. They’re a little scrappy. You get to see their business from ground-zero. Startups are raw and if you don’t mind a bit of chaos and excitement then you’re in for an awesome ride. As startups rarely have the same resources available to them that large corporates do. They will get sh*t done, but they’ll have to go about it another way. They’re forced to be creative, resilient, and strategic in everything they do and there’s so much to be learnt in those skills alone. It’s the foundation of every great business that somehow gets lost as companies get bigger. Understanding the roots of the business will help you build yours.

14. Their biggest asset is the value they offer. This comes in forms other than monetary compensation. As we’ve said, resources are tight but they will do the best they can with what they’ve got to help you. Always consider the potential value in the opportunity beyond the money, consider the things you’ll learn, the network you’ll grow, the exposure you’ll get because being one of the few is better than being one of the many and they will utilise their resources towards promoting you and your content.

So before you consider turning down that proposal from a startup, think about what we’ve said above and give them a chance to impress you. You’re both passionate people that are seeking to make a difference, so why not team up and do it together.

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