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The 1 Secret Successful Influencers Have In Common

Updated: Oct 2, 2018


Just because you have an audience that listens to you doesn’t mean your work is done.

Actually, it’s only just beginning. Why?

Well, let me explain…

You, as well as all other influencers, have a loyal community that trust you. The question is: what do you do with that trust?

Successful influencers will tell you one thing. It is the one of the major contributing reasons, in my opinion, why we call successful influencers… SUCCESSFUL influencers.

So let’s break down why some influencers have the ability to quit their job and earn a living (a very comfortable living at that) from social media and some don’t.

The Path of Least Resistance

Sitting down at a quiet Café in Sydney, Steve “Commando” Willis shared his thoughts with me on human behaviour.

He spoke about the fact that people always tend to go down the path of least resistance. The one with less uncertainty, less roadblocks… and well… the one that’s easier to do.

Can we blame ourselves for that?

We have so much to do in a day that we can’t help but take shortcuts when we get the opportunity. From the moment we wake up, there is literally 973458342 different things going on in our minds. Works, family, friends, pets, house chores, content creation… that’s only scratching the surface. So, where possible, of course we look to have those small wins and take the easy route if we can.

That then folds onto business. Most people create their Instagram as an extension of themselves. They share their interests, thoughts and life with others. After a while, so many people become so immersed in what that person has to say and 'follow' them, they are no longer a person but a “Brand.” And at that point, when the “brand” starts to take the path of least resistance, it ends up hurting them.

The scary thing is, what’s hurting them doesn’t come to light until much further down the track and sometimes this is when it’s too late to turn it around.

So, what is the path of least resistance?

Well, in my opinion. It’s making money for another company.

Now, I’m not saying don’t do it at all. But, I am saying, don’t let that be the only venture you pursue. I get it. It’s nice and easy, you have an audience and you’re incredible at creating content. So, why not take a photo with some product that’s been sent to you, upload it and get paid? It’s one of the quickest and easiest money you’ll ever make.

But, it won’t be the MOST you ever make.

Those people that are making up to 100 million a year in the fitness industry. Those people that have enough to travel the world endlessly and come back to their dream dog and dream house when their done. Those people are all doing the same thing.

Launching their own product.

And not just any product, their own online training program.

Introducing an Online Training Program

A training program, for today’s example, is a pre-determined set of workouts that someone can follow to achieve a certain goal in a specified amount of time. It has explanations how to complete each workout and how to perform each exercise in the workout.

More than likely you have been given a training program in your lifetime or you may have even written one up for another person. These could have been customised to the individual; that is, the training program is uniquely designed after taking into consideration certain factors about that person.

Whilst these are great and have their place in the world, you can't help 10,000 at once.

Well… you can. But, with a generic program.

Now the naysayers will always say… they are a crappy product, no body will want them, how can one program possible fit all, it HAS to be customised.

In reality, there has been an INCREDIBLE amount of success, lives helped and money earned from these programs. Why? Well, they’re usually cheaper and easier to follow.

Kayla Itsines and Tobi Peace, co-founders of Sweat, are approaching an annual revenue run rate of 100 million, as reported in the AFR. That’s right, a company that enables people to follow workouts of influencers including Kayla Itsines, Kelsey Wells, and Sjana Elise Earp, is on track to turnover 100 million in a single year.

Imagine, what could you do if you were able to spend 100 million in a year? Would you travel the world, buy your dream house yacht, and all the huskies you could get your hands on? Let’s just agree that whatever you want, you would have A LOT of choices.

Now, this is no easy feat. It is definitely not as simple as… make a training program, post a few workouts on Instagram and voila, you’re a millionaire. It takes time, hard work and impeccable execution (hats off to the Sweat team).

Let me explain further…

The Intricacies of Launching Your Own Training Program

Many cogs need to turn exactly in place for this to work.

The hardest thing about choosing to take the plunge and create your own product is that there is SO much to do to make it work. Content creation is just one part, you have to market it (yes, more than just posting on your Instagram), and most importantly set up the distribution method so someone can follow it.

This is where it can get costly. Content creation alone, especially when you’re doing videos for each and every exercise, can be tens of thousands. The technology infrastructure to distribute it, if you want to stay ahead of the game and go through the app route, that is most likely well into the tens of thousands. Then you still need at least a few thousand to market it too.

You’re probably thinking, well… I don’t have all that money just sitting in the bank, so I’ll just make an eBook. I can take the photos and videos off my phone, design it in a simple Microsoft Word Doc and make a free site off Wix.

And yes, you’re right, of course you can do that.

But let me ask you a question… do you post old content? Well, of course you don’t. You have gotten to where you are now by staying up to date with consumer trends and posting relevant up-to-date content.

So, why would you launch a product that is old-school and worse than what is out there currently on the market.

To be a thought-leader, an expert in the industry, and to have a product that has the potential to make a 100 million a year… there is one thing for sure. Being behind the 8-ball really isn’t going to get you there.

So, if there’s one thing you take out of this, let it be this.

  1. Launch your own product.

  2. Create an online training program.

  3. Keep your followers happy by delivering it to them through the content they love (video and audio) and technology (mobile) they want.

Now, go out there and create something magical and help change peoples lives for the better. If you want to create your own online training program, please reach out. Otherwise, I hope we can meet in the future when I’m writing about your success.

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