"Don't Hold Back"

Katie Stevens

Managing Director of Minding Her Business

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This week we had the pleasure of chatting with the incredibly talented, passionate and driven businesswoman, Katie Stevens. Her latest venture, Minding Her Business, is taking networking to a whole new level and we learn about her journey to creating not only one but multiple businesses and the secret behind her success.

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"...I'm always hungry for more. There's always something more. There's always growth, there's always improvements in everything."

- Katie Stevens

"I just think life is full of opportunities and life is short. Life is really short and anything can happen at any given moment. So surround yourself with the right people and if people don't support you and lift you up, then you're hanging around the wrong people."

- Katie Stevens


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Katie Stevens

Katie is an incredibly accomplished businesswomen with a number of successful companies under her belt, but namely that of 'Minding Her Business'. With a strong background in fitness, Katie was placed 1st in the Bikini segment of the WBFF Competition and graced the cover of Oxygen Women's Health Magazine. She then went on to be crowned 'Miss Supercars' and worked with a number of nationally and internationally recognised brands. 

Don't hold back. Don't ever have that moment where you think, oh just if I did that, things would be different. Because we've all had those thoughts and thinking patterns and you know what? You don't know unless you try. 

- Katie Stevens





Katie: [00:00:00] Anyway, I launched the ticket sales and I laid in bed and I didn’t sleep that night. And I thought, what if people don’t want to come? And is the ticket price too expensive? And this could be a big flop and is on my social media which is subject to thousands of people. And I woke up the next morning and I realized that…


Kareena: [00:00:17] That is Katie Stevens, Influencer, Businesswoman and Director of Minding Her Business sharing her story. Tune in to find out more on this episode of In the Loop.


Kareena: [00:00:39] Hey there Loopers and welcome to another episode of In the Loop where we chat about the business end of being an influencer. I'm your host Kareena, and today we're chatting to none other than the incredibly talented Katie Stevens. This unbelievably accomplished woman has so many noteworthy titles and achievements that I would literally need a whole episode to list them all. But here are just a few to get you started. Having been placed first in bikini at the world beauty fitness and fashion competition in 2015 Katie even went on to grace the cover of oxygen Women's Health magazine and was crowned Miss supercars all within the same year. At this time, Katie was also running multiple businesses in the health and beauty sectors and building her personal brand as a speaker and influencer. Most recently though you may have heard about Katie or her highly Instagrammable event series Minding Her Business. These events are empowering women to connect, collaborate, and create to build the businesses that they want to be part of. Now there are so many valuable insights in this interview that we couldn't even fit it into one episode. So, what we've decided to do is split this interview into two parts, so you don't miss out. We're starting off with Part 1 where we learned how Katie got her start in the fitness industry what it means to compete on a global scale and how she launched each of her highly successful businesses. Part 2 is being released this Friday and you'll learn more about Minding Her Business as we delve into what it means to run a company with consistently sold out events. You'll also learn more about the power of influence and the vision that Katie is working hard to bring to life. So enough from me already. Let's get straight into the interview.


Kareena: [00:02:15] Today we have Miss Katie Stevens with us.


Katie: [00:02:18] Hi Kareena. Thanks for having me.


Kareena: [00:02:20] Thanks for coming in. So, as we were talking before you are now here from Brisbane visiting Melbourne.


Katie: [00:02:25] Yes, it's so good to be back. I love Melbourne, I actually have family from country Victoria. So, I'm down here sort of every six months or so. And yeah, I've been in Brisbane for about 10 years now. Time flies. It's good, it is the sunshine state. The weather's good up there but I love Melbourne.


Kareena: [00:02:41] So I guess I would love to find out about your stellar career. You've started a number of businesses and also had quite a history in fitness as well that led into that and a few things before that as well.


Katie: [00:02:54] Which links in with Loop I guess, with the fitness aspect.


Kareena: [00:02:57] Absolutely. You have a history of playing sport so basketball. So that was a precursor basically to your fitness world. Tell me about that. How long did you play basketball for? What was that experience?


Katie: [00:03:11] You know what's funny is I was actually in Mildura country Victoria at the time when I played my first game of basketball, and the prerequisite was I think I had to be five years and over, I think it was like under sevens or something and I was just so, I guess having an older sister I wanted to do what she was doing. And I remember my mom actually telling them yeah look yeah, she's five. Like just let her play. I was on my mum's case every single week like 'mum can I please play, can I please play.' So, I was five when I started playing basketball and learning as a team, in team sport I obviously learned a lot and subconscious learning you don't know at the time that it will instil in your life you know in other areas. But yeah, I think growing up I have always had an active lifestyle. I've been surrounded by my family's highly, highly active. But um yeah. So, I played basketball for probably close to at least ten years I would say, ten, twelve years that's right through school.


Kareena: [00:04:10] Clearly a go getter from a young age, Katie's drive and ambition also led her to launch her own business while she was still in her teens. However, this wasn't always the plan.


Kareena: [00:04:19] Did you always plan on having your own business?


Katie: [00:04:23] No I didn't. And funnily enough I've actually never been full time employed by anyone, so I don't know any different. And it's funny because I'm constantly asked all the time 'how did you make the transition?' I didn't really have a transition to make but my family have always owned their own businesses, growing up mum had a business, dad had a business, they had businesses together which did help with the back end of that and helping but yeah from day dot I actually studied at university. I started a Bachelor of Education when I was in grade 11.


Kareena: [00:04:51] So you wanted to be a teacher.


Katie: [00:04:52] Yeah, a French teacher. So, I yeah, it was just one of the classes that I excelled at and I absolutely loved. So, I started my Bachelor of Education so there was a program through the school that I was at up in Harvey Bay that did an excel program so you could do one day week at university. So, I started uni in Grade 11. And then I could, it was like a head start program, and then I could excel that if I lived in the country. So, I moved to France and did a bit of schooling over there.


Kareena: [00:05:17] That would have been incredible.


Katie: [00:05:18] Yeah it was, it was. And now that I look back it was probably the biggest shift in personal development, I've ever had even though it was at school learning another language and whatnot. But yeah it instilled a lot in me with business as is now today. But yeah long story short I started doing a bit of placement and realised that not everyone had a passion of learning French as what I did teaching it. Which is cool because I can still teach it but yeah, I had a shift with starting other businesses. It started from my first business I had, I was eighteen.


Kareena: [00:05:47] Eighteen, okay tell me about that because at 18 to start a business is pretty impressive. A lot of kids are still just going out and partying, while you are there trying to run an empire.


Katie: [00:05:55] I have never really been, I mean I guess we all go through the stages of you know socialising and partying and whatnot. But at the time I was, and I always have been super driven, I'm driven by goals and I guess raising the bar and setting new things to tick off my list. But yeah, my very first business that I started was on the Gold Coast and it was a spray tanning business called Gold Coast Sunless Tanning which doesn't exist anymore. So, I sort of backtracked a little bit and I was always good at math and I worked out that if I went and put, I think it was like a thousand fliers on car windscreens then I would get a round about 20 clients. Which is not a lot, but back then I was like that's going to pay the bills right. So yeah, I was always a little bit of a hustler. So, I started with that and then I transitioned to open a promotional modelling agency.


Kareena: [00:06:52] Still only 18 years of age Katie began her second business, Pure Model Management. We learned just how she began this new venture and her approach to dealing with competitors in this industry.


Katie: [00:07:04] So I had a bit of promo work myself at the time and I thought I can do this better, which is something that I still live by now. I look at things, I analyse I'm like ah I can do it better, we'll do it better. So, I opened my own agency and I run that on the Gold Coast. And my biggest competitor at the time was based in Brisbane. And I've never really had even though you know we've got competitors in any industry we do, I've never really had that conflict where I'm working against anyone else in the industry, so I always had touch points of really good relationships with my competitors. And long story short I actually bought out the agency so acquired that company, merged the two. I think I was about nineteen then. I did that and then I made the move to Brisbane and then scaled it, drew it back, trimmed the fat, worked out my accounts. I guess I didn't really know what I was doing but I learnt along the way.


Kareena: [00:07:50] And how did you go about learning what you needed to know?


Katie: [00:07:52] Yeah, I mean I think in business learning as I go and constantly asking questions, working out who is the best at what they do and acquiring those knowledge. If I don't know I hire someone that's really good at it or better than me. Learn the ways and fill those spots.


Kareena: [00:08:07] The strategies that Katie just shed enabled her to learn a lot very quickly. But there is another contributing factor to her success in business.


Katie: [00:08:15] At the time nineteen like I didn't know I definitely didn't know everything. My mental strength has just been such a huge component to anything that I do in business.


Kareena: [00:08:25] Like a sense of resilience that you've developed.


Katie: [00:08:27] Resilience yeah, hardworking. It's being instilled in me from day dot really and I think it's just a characteristic trait as well, and just learning along the way.


Kareena: [00:08:37] Having a business from such a young age wasn't without its challenges, as Katie shares.


Katie: [00:08:42] I had massive shifts in friendship circles and groups and I'm fortunate I've still got a lot of high school friends that are still really close, that I'm still close with today. But there was that shift or that segregation where 99 percent of my friends. Actually, probably all of them bar myself, were all employed, and I was the only one that owned a business. In the early days I probably lost a lot of similarities on that level. And you know the social talk was about you know your boss and not getting your lunch break that you wanted and I'm like lunch break forget lunch break. I don't have time for this. You know there was nights I slept on the couch at the office because I had stuff to do, so I wasn't really counting dollars at the time I was just running fast and getting things done.


Kareena: [00:09:18] It was this incredible work ethic and crazy scheduling that led Katie down the path of physique competitions. Listen in as Katie shares her story of competing on the world stage.


Katie: [00:09:30] Yeah so, I started out competing gosh back in 20, must have been 2013, 2014, and it was one of those things to just tick off the bucket list and get into the best shape of my life. That turned into an addiction like it does for many other competitors. And yeah, I went back to back shows for about four years.


Kareena: [00:09:47] Back to back!


Katie: [00:09:48] Yeah so seasonal. Traditionally in the competing industry you've got two seasons season A season B. And yeah, it's a lot on your body mentally, emotionally, physically. And I guess I've always run businesses at the same time so it adds to the workload but yeah I started competing and fell in love with it and then I went on to compete internationally and got my pro status and yeah it opened the doors to a lot of really cool opportunities and landed front cover of some awesome Australian fitness magazines, Oxygen.


Kareena: [00:10:23] And you got to work with some incredible brands as well.


Katie: [00:10:27] If you are doing really well and it is highly competitive especially in Australia you can capitalize from sponsorships and working with brands and partnering with alliances that are obviously in the industry of fitness and whether they be supplements, leisure brands, athletic wear all that sort of relative. I was lucky enough to go through that and down that path. I sort of had my first show it must have been my first international world titles was November 2014. So, I was probably competing for around about a year before I hit over in the USA and I represented Australia over in Las Vegas and headed over there and I came second in the world, so that was fun.


Kareena: [00:11:03] In the world! That's credible. How did that feel?


Katie: [00:11:08] Ummm…That's just a whole other topic of conversation. How did it feel at the time? I didn't feel anything, I was like oh, but I didn't win. And you know I've got a little bit more work to do. But I've always been someone that super highly competitive, but self-competitive as well I think because I've always raised that bar.


Kareena: [00:11:23] Still second in the world is an incredible feat.


Katie: [00:11:26] Yeah…Yeah I mean it’s…


Kareena: [00:11:27] But it wasn’t first.


Katie: [00:11:29] Yeah that’s right, if you're not first, you're last. No, I'm joking but it was sort of a mental journey for me because I learnt a lot about myself. And you know it's funny because you do have that relation similarities with people that do compete. Even now that I'm not actively competing you just have that same headspace, or you know there's a lot of people that don't even make it to stage. So, making it to even step on stage in your physically best condition is a huge tick off the list like that's an achievement on its own.


Kareena: [00:11:53] So why did you start competing?


Katie: [00:11:54] You know what I probably relate to a lot of office workers, corporate workers out there that literally sit at the desk nine to five and out of habit eat bad food and don't feel amazing. But I just think in any business it's so important to have that just clear mind and food is absolutely what charges you. Is your fuel really to having a clear mind, clarity, thinking on the spot and doing a good job at what you do so it sorts of was just wanting to change. Growing up my parents owned a gym, so I was always in the gym doing little kids aerobics classes and whatnot. So, I was really familiar with it all but yeah, I really just wanted to, first thing I did was hire a PT and it was never my plan to take it to stage but at the time I owned a promotional modelling agency. So, I was hosting a lot of model competitions which meant I couldn't compete in them. I was MC-ing a lot of them. So, I was like well what can I do where it's not a conflict of business and what I run. And at the time I was like there's no way I'm going to get into a bikini and jump on stage when I have twelve hundred models that work for me. But you know once I sort of started the journey, I did a twelve-week prep. And fell in love with the process and I did my certificates to make sure I knew what it was all about, not just listening to a coach.


Kareena: [00:13:00] So you got educated too?


Katie: [00:13:02] Yeah, I think that's with anything in business and with competing. It's one thing to be told what to do and how to do it but to actually have the understanding of why you're doing it was really important to me. So, I went and did all my certs, my fitness cert, and I did a sports and supplementation course. Yeah so it carried on from there. So, one thing led to another and jumped on stage and I was fortunate enough to have taken that first place for my first comp. So as anyone I'm like yeah, I'm gonna do this again and again and again and again.


Kareena: [00:13:36] Balancing numerous competitions and running a business is no easy feat. And as Katie mentioned it's a mental journey. We delve a little deeper to find out what else she discovered about herself during that time.


Katie: [00:13:46] Physically how far I could literally push my body, and it was all mental. My mental strength is by far further and I think for anyone goes than your physical strength right. So that was probably key for me and I was just so open to seeing really what other doors open from that and you know when you're on a bit of a wicket where you're constantly doing really well or placing really high and doors do open of sponsorship and opportunity. It's sort of yeah it just worked really well to make me want to be more competitive and you know once opportunities are offered to you, you don't really want it to stop at that. Well I don't anyway. And yeah, so that sort of is how it's come about with all the fitness industry and I'm still involved actually. But I haven't competed for about two years now. So, I think I learned a lot and I met so many extremely amazing people. And even like we were just talking about before it. The fitness industry actually helped lift and create and build the momentum to one of my businesses Visual Beauty.


Kareena: [00:14:42] Visual Beauty was Katie's next big venture and one that she's kept close to her heart as her career has evolved over time. Here's how and why she's so passionate about this business.


Katie: [00:14:51] So visual beauty is purely cosmetic tattooing only. So, the fancy eyeliner, brows and lips. And I launched that at the end of 2014. Just in the transition when I was selling my modelling agency and that's been running strong for about four years now. And I guess personally I've had experience in the beauty industry before I had the agency and I wanted to specialise in something I've always cared about how I look aesthetically and physically. But yeah that was something that I just wanted to get into and I personally I went and got my brows done and I lacked the experience, I saw a gap in the industry. I knew that I knew a lot of people especially in the fitness industry and I thought you know what all these girls that are lifting weights going to the gym don't want to wear makeup to clog their pores. And but just to feel good about themselves just to wake up and I'm not talking over the top crazy makeup I'm just talking natural enhancement of what they already have. And that's my niche. That's what I specialise in. I don't have big block bold crazy brows even though they were a trend at one point. I just don't believe that that needs to be permanently on your face. That can be makeup or added to. But yeah and I based the business around that and what I wanted and reached out to my friend Liz and to my connections and I guess you could say my competitors when I was on stage but my friends outside of the comp world and they were my first clients. And since then gosh I think I've tattooed over twelve hundred sets of brows twelve hundred faces.


Kareena: [00:16:12] That is a lot of faces.


Katie: [00:16:13] Yeah…transformed some lives and you know it's fulfilling. It's really cooling to make people feel even better about themselves or to see the beauty that you see in them. And you know that's not just surface value I think it's even just having that single focus for me. I'm so busy and I've got so many touch points in my life. It really just has me hone in on that one thing and just removes the noise when I'm actually working with clients. So, I love it. I really enjoy it and I'm asked constantly if I'm just gonna get rid of that and keep running with everything else. But right now, it works, and I love it. Actually, my highlight in the business is transforming people that have had alopecia or have gone through chemotherapy and they don't have a choice, but they've lost their hair, lost their brows, lost their lashes. And having people walk out of the clinic with feather touch brows, its life changing.


Kareena: [00:17:09] Yeah absolutely. Which is I think something that people wouldn't think about when you're talking about cosmetic tattooing.


Katie: [00:17:15] No, no absolutely not. And it sounds like it's I guess there's a bit of a stigma about it as there is with injectables and Botox and muscle relaxants and all these things it's you know it's fake it's not real. And what I specialize in like I sort of said is yeah natural beauty enhancing natural beauty. I don't think anything needs to be over the top. And you know no one's perfect, and I have clients that come in and they're like oh you know my brows aren't even I'm like I'm yet to have a client that comes in with perfectly symmetrical brows. That's the idea right, no one’s face is symmetrical either. That would be really boring if we all had the exact same face.


Kareena: [00:17:51] So we're starting to notice a little trend emerging here. Katie's businesses share a common theme in that they're all designed to enhance people's lives. Which leads us to our next story. Katie's business Pure Skin. This is a natural skincare range that was built with family in mind.


Katie: [00:18:09] It's a natural based Australian skin care and we have, the first product that I launched was the 24-karat gold collagen eye mask, which actually the ideation come from being in the fitness industry. Because when you lose weight you get drawn under the eyes, you have dark circles, you get a little bit gaunt. And I was actually overseas for my first international show and we got these little I guess you could call them goody bags with like hydro lights and a little I don't know first aid kit for fitness shows. And I got these eye pads and they were not Apple iPads, so we're talking eye pads, and they were these gel pads and it had on it written, 'these will refresh your eyes leave on for 10 minutes' whatever it was, and it didn't, it had the branding on the packet. But long story short I used them, I literally saw a difference, I felt a difference, it just got rid of the drawn-outness and just smoothed out my skin a little bit. I could never find them again. I researched, I googled, I could not find this product. So, when I come back to Australia, I'm like you know obviously fitness shows it's such a trending thing the fitness industry is huge growing and still growing. And I thought I just want everyone to experience what I had and to use these. So yeah, I did a lot of homework and I launched them in gosh I actually revisited it. I spoke to someone about formulating it. I told them it was a great business idea for them to add to their beauty business and that sort of didn't happen. And then I launched it myself. I said if you're not gonna do it I'll do it. So, I launched that in 2017 in March 2017, almost two years ago. In March it'll be two years ago. So yeah, I launched them, and we got some really big goals with that and we now have salons across Australia. I've got my sister and my mumma also, it's a family business. So, my sister and my mum are involved in that. And my sister has a huge or a lot longer of a history in the beauty industry than I do. So, she's got her own story as to how and why she wanted to sort of bring in the skincare range. And I've sort of taken a little bit of a back step as to the products and everything and I'm also doing the branding of the products the bottling, the packaging, the marketing and my sisters all about you know what goes in them, how they're made, where they're made. And she's super, super crucial to that. But yes, so we launched that quite a while ago now and it's doing really well. We've got into a lot of salons that are wholesaling the product, we obviously retail as well. And yeah there's some really, really cool things on the horizon for pure skins, that's exciting.


Kareena: [00:20:40] At what point do you feel as though you've achieved what you set out to achieve? Do you set goals? Do you have things that you can measure? Katie is someone who's achieved so much in such a short amount of time that we asked her to reflect on her journey so far.


Katie: [00:20:57] You know. That's probably something I'm still working on with the whole big when do you get to a point where you 're like yep I've achieved what I wanted to and what I set out to. Which is another amazing way and reason as to why I do goal setting now a little bit more periodic. But at the time I set goals and they were all based around financial goals because obviously you know acquiring companies’ costs money and having a lot of debt at such a young age, but predominantly I feel like my first financial goal was to break even. And to be able to actually put some money in the bank or to purchase a car outright and not have a loan. And so, I sort of hit that target. But you know at the time it wasn't a celebration of yeah that's cool I've like I've made it. You know this is where I'm at. This is exactly what I wanted in life. I probably still haven't really felt that, so the sense of achievement it was just constant to different things and you know I've always been one to pivot, I change quickly, I see new opportunities whether they be within the business or merging different businesses and whatnot. So, I think that's always just been like an open ended several different parts of it can be seen as, I guess, an accomplishment. But I don't know that I've ever really hit that killed it phase yet.


Kareena: [00:20:07] Are you content though with what you've achieved? Do you appreciate the things that as you said, periodically or in milestones that others would perceive to be quite an achievement, do you acknowledge those for yourself?


Katie: [00:22:17] You know only just recently speaking to a couple of really close friends and even people that I'd consider mentors and my manager that have really helped me take that step back and smell the roses has been like paramount to even my successes and moving forward. Because I think that something in life that if you don't celebrate those wins and you're not content with where you're at you're constantly going to be looking for that next thing and there's no fulfillment in that which I definitely have been through those phases, and I remember at one of my, at a clinic that I was getting a bit of physiotherapy from and I was getting some treatment done and my mentor now, but at the time the owner of the business was saying to me like you know when you won the World Titles. When I got my pro card the second time on international. How did it feel, and did you feel that sense of accomplishment, I was like no. So, we sort of went back pedal, right back to the beginning and we had some pretty cool breakthroughs as to why I wasn't and how I needed to change that. And that was a mind shift for me I think being content, so I guess back to your question is am I content? Yes, I'm content but I will never be fulfilled with or I guess to the point where I'm satisfied, if that makes sense, just I'm always hungry for more. There's always something more. There's always growth, there's always improvements in everything. But yes, I'm content. And I think it's you know Instagram, social media, Facebook. It's an amazing platform now because I can share my experiences with the team or the group and people that are a part of you know my social media journey and when they ask questions and I give responses, it's quite humbling to see people go “Oh wow, you've achieved so much for your age!” I'm like I don't think of it like that. Because I've got this much more to do but yeah, smell the roses has been a big lesson for me.


Kareena: [00:24:05] When Katie's talking about the work that she still has left to do, I have no doubt that she is referring in large part to her latest venture Minding Her Business. Katie hosts an incredible day of networking, filled with notable guest speakers, live music, bubbly on arrival, grazing tables and doughnut walls to boot. But wait there's more. Katie has also expanded her event-based business to cater to another demographic with Minding Their Business. These events are for men and women to come together in much the same way and connect collaborate and create. We'll let Katie tell you a bit more.


Katie: [00:24:46] Well it's funny and like you said before everything just connects, everything all the dots sort of connect even when people go Oh my God you've got so many businesses all over the place you must be so scattered, I'm like but it all serves the same purpose of helping people either better themselves, feel better about themselves or connecting people with likeminded individuals that can help scale businesses or put you in touch with people that can help me grow. So, Minding Her Business came to life about 18 months ago and that was basically from a lot of relationships that I'd formed through having the agency, from being a social media influencer myself. And I wanted to sort of I guess share and spread that with just everyday people, or I was constantly connecting my friends with people that might have you know photographers that might have been able to help my friends start up business and that sort of thing. So funnily enough and back to pivoting, I launched the business initially wanting it to be based only on online business. And I didn't want it to be like a physical business. And myself and a girlfriend actually both co-founded it at the time, and we thought you know what we need to get some content. And so, we did a live event because what other way to get perfect content of women that dress beautifully and you know you can't buy these stock images and find them on Google. So, I thought I'll do a live event and we'll get the content and then we'll create what may still come online. So, I can't share too much. This business concept, and so anyway I launched the ticket sales and I laid in bed, and I didn't sleep that night. I thought what if people don't want to come and is the ticket price too expensive. And this could be a big flop. And it's on my social media which is subject to thousands of people. And I woke up the next morning and I realized that I didn't put a cap on the number. But it was only for 50 people. OK. And we'd sold seventy-five tickets. So, I was like holy shit.


Kareena: [00:26:30] The next morning when you woke up?


Katie: [00:26:31] Yeah it sold so quickly. So, I actually had to call the venue and I was like we can't just hire a room. We actually kind of need the venue. Can you close it off to the public? Yeah so it did really well. And the day was nothing like I planned and envisioned but it was awesome, and it gave me more ideas. And when I say that I definitely had like my plan and everything in place. But you know things happen and which I've learnt along the way for the perfect blueprint which is now several events later. So, the launch it went fantastic. We actually had people rock up on the day wanting to buy tickets. Which we didn't think of at the time. We're like oh we kind of didn't say that online and we were just like sold out. And then people were like cool I'll just turn up and buy them. So that created a lot of hype. Social media is a powerful thing. And I was fortunate enough to have a lot of friends that were social media influences. So that was a big tick, a big growth point of the business where you know my friends were more than happy to post and share on their socials on the day and the engagement was awesome. So, then the inboxes started flooding of when's the next one. And I was like oh I don't actually have another one planned but yeah, it's coming soon. And you know dates release and stay tuned and I've got to work really fast and get the next one going because it just it worked. So, went back to the drawing board, changed a bunch of things and then launched the next one I think it was about three, two months later maybe at the time, eight to twelve weeks later.


Kareena: [00:27:51] So the first one, how long did that take for you to plan?


Katie: [00:27:53] The first one was about four months. It was about four, four and a half months. The second one was probably two and a half months to three. And now we've got the right team we've got the right resources and we've done a lot of trial and error, that we could probably pump one out in about six weeks.


Kareena: [00:28:11] Incredible turnaround for an event.


Katie: [00:28:13] We've got a really good community though, and I think it's really important with Minding Her Business that it's not just an event where we just want to turn in turn out numbers, we want and we have the loyalty of people that it's different every time, there's no events the same. But we want the experience to be consistent. And the experience is so important to have someone to walk out with a certain feeling with you know their expectations of what the event if they've never been to one. Absolutely super exceeded. And then of course you know wanting to tell their friends and what not which is funny because we've actually never paid for any marketing. We have never spent any dollars marketing dollars on it as such.


Kareena: [00:28:44] That is incredible.


Katie: [00:28:45] And we're 100 percent sell out success so far. So, it's been pretty cool, which is why I'm in Melbourne as well because we're coming to Melbourne.


Kareena: [00:28:49] That's very exciting. I'm so glad as someone who actually did attend your one in Brisbane. I'm very excited to hit another one when it comes to Melbourne.


Katie: [00:28:58] Which was the Minding Their Business, so the Minding Their Business was I guess you know launching something for, and we're in such a, I don't say trending but we're living in an era now that women do have empowerment not over men but in general across a lot of industries and I think it's important to not just cut out men altogether. And there's a very fine line I see all these social media quotes of women empowerment and girl boss and you know you've got this and all this sort of stuff. And I think that's fantastic. But I'm all about you know men women equal opportunities and that's literally where the idea of Minding Their Business came about. I was basically thinking, and we did have a few DMs as well, what about us, from the men, the boyfriends, the partners and business partners that are also male. It’s kind of doesn't make sense what happens if you wanna come to an event but your business partners you know a male, like yourself. And you both want to come along. So, I was like well there's a space for that. But you know Minding Her Business it is a networking event but it's just so different to any other networking event, personally I'd ever been to before. And what I wanted to go to, I never could find. So, finding that sort of gap in the market and being super niche.


Katie: [00:30:12] I guess what I mean by that is it's not, you know, sit down, structured, alternate, drop plate. You know, it's actually cocktail style so you're forced to network with people. I think the stats we looked at are about 60 to 70 percent of people from Minding Her Business events, girls actually come on their own. So, they're bound to meet someone in the line when they're getting their tickets out ready to scan.


Kareena: [00:30:33] And connect.


Katie: [00:30:34] Yeah, absolutely. Connect. And that's our mantra, "Connect - Collaborate - Create." And that's literally the three words and you know, when we're building a business and pivoting and changing and creating new ideas and things we always come back to those three words. As long as it covers all the Connect, Collaborate and Create then we're on point.


Kareena: [00:30:52] And that's where today's interview comes to an end. But we will be releasing Part 2 this Friday so make sure that you tune in and subscribe to our podcast so you don't miss out. Now here's a little audio snippet of what we'll be chatting about more on Friday's episode.


Katie: [00:31:06] Don't hold back. Don't ever have that moment where you think, oh just if I did that, things would be different. Because we've all had those thoughts and thinking patterns and you know what? You don't know unless you try. Yeah. I just think life is full of opportunities and life is short. Life is really short and anything can happen at any given moment. So, you know, surround yourself by the right people and if people don't support you and lift you up then you're hanging around the wrong people.


Kareena: [00:31:36] Tune in to hear the whole interview then. As always Loopers, I'd like to thank you for joining us on our latest episode of In the Loop where we chat about the business end of being an influencer. If you'd like to learn more about Katie's journey, be sure to check out all the links in our show description. And of course, we always love to hear your feedback. So, let us know what you thought of this episode by leaving us a star rating or review. We'll be back on Friday with part two of our interview with Katie Stevens. So, in the meantime feel free to give us a shout out across social media. You can tag us in your Instagram posts or stories using our handle @loop.app and we'll even share it across our profile. Thanks so much Loopers. Catch you then!