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Additional Content

As part of our offer, we want to help you fulfil the content requirements we’ve listed above so we will be producing content for you to post on your social media channels. You will get a range of content pieces (as outlined in your agreement) that you can use across Instagram and/or Facebook if you have a Facebook Business Account. 

Original Content

We know that you already produce amazing, authentic content, that’s how we discovered you! We don’t want to change the great work you’re doing so we would love for you to create your own little pieces of content to assist in getting the message about your new workouts to your audience. Your original content would assist in fulfilling the remaining Marketing Schedule requirements outlined in your agreement. This is a collaboration and it’s important to us that you maintain your strong tone of voice and brand presence throughout this process. 


Our Content Guidelines & Policies is also a useful resource to review prior to creating content as it provides a framework and direction for your original creations.

Posting Frequency

To get the best results, we’ve outlined timings for posts within the Marketing Schedule. We’ve done this to ensure your busy audience doesn’t forget about your great products and prompts them to take control of their fitness, health and wellness. We’re both aligned in supporting Oyana members and a little reminder to get active never hurt anyone. 


To achieve this, we ask that you avoid “batching” the uploads within any given week. For example, where the schedule outlines one post per week, that one post is uploaded that week, not two within one week and skip the next week. Of course, we’re happy for you to promote your Oyana videos as often as you like! We just ask that you continue following the schedule in addition to any additional posts you wish to upload as we’re conscious that these little reminders over time also work to improve retention and keep members coming back to view more of your content!


We're always happy to field any questions you may have about our Guidelines and Policies, so please reach out to us via email at

Last Updated: 24th April 2018

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