"If You Don't Love Yourself, You Will Not Value Yourself."

Lola Berry

Nutritionist, Author & Yoga Teacher

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Lola Berry, a health and wellness guru, nutritionist, yoga teacher, business owner and author of 10 books shares hilarious and insightful anecdotes about her journey so far. Tune in as Lola shares her story in life and love and the experiences that have shaped her career and the person she is today.

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"The first and probably most important thing, like, if don't do this then nothing else will work...if you don't love yourself you will not value yourself."

- Lola Berry

"Be real. Live from the heart. Do you. And nurture yourself. I'm hopefully helping people and helping them to nurture their hearts, their spirits, their body and their mind."

- Lola Berry


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Lola Berry

Lola is a certified Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science (Majoring in Nutritional Medicine.) Launching her career off the back of her popular YouTube channel, "Fruits and Roots with Lola Berry," she soon became a household name with TV appearances and radio spots. Author of ten books, a Yoga Teacher and now a health Instagram Influencer, Lola is working hard to spread the word about nutritious and delicious food.

"If you're not doing it because you don't love who you are, you will not maintain these results. Think about it, if we do things for other people, or an extrinsic value outside of ourselves, we're doing it for the wrong reasons. If we're doing it because intrinsically, we want to feel good because we actually love who we are. We will get long lasting results."

- Lola Berry


Lola: [00:00:00] If you don't love yourself. You will not value yourself. Think about it if we do things for other people or an extrinsic value outside of ourselves, we're doing it for the wrong reasons. If we're doing it because intrinsically, we want to feel good because we actually love who we are, we will get long lasting results.


Kareena: [00:00:19] That is Lola Berry. Health and wellness guru, nutritionist, yoga teacher, business owner and author of 10 books sharing one of the most important lessons that she's learned throughout her incredible journey so far. Tune in as Lola shares her story in life and love and the experiences that have helped shape her into the person that she is today. Hey there loopers and welcome to another episode of In the Loop where we chat about the business end of being an influencer. I'm your host Kareena, and today we're chatting with the amazing Lola Berry. Lola has carved out an incredibly successful career in the health and wellness industries. And today we're going to help share her story. With some hilarious and insightful anecdotes, Lola shares her love of nutrition and yoga, and a few lessons that she's learned along the way. So, without further ado let's jump straight into the interview.


Lola: [00:01:18] Hey!


Kareena: [00:01:21] So Lola I'm very excited to have you on the Loop App couch.


Lola: [00:01:24] It's a nice couch. It's lovely.


Kareena: [00:01:27] Cheers. I'd love to find out where you started on this path. Often people have a reason for coming to the health and wellness industry and I'd love to know how you got involved in it.


Lola: [00:01:37] You're very right. A lot of health people are like 'I had this autoimmune disease, or I had this eating disorder and I fell into health'. I'm not so like that. I was a DJ. I was like partying my little brains out. My favourite food were giant Caramello Koalas and big Lamingtons with the jam in the middle. Good choices both of them, but I fell in love. I fell in love with my DJ teacher and I was like oh, we were just talking about this, getting ready for summer bod, and I was like I wanna feel good, I wanna feel hot on a date. I want to feel good on the beach, totally ego, and so I just went on what I called a summertime detox. I just sort of started eating really clean. Loads of fruit. Loads of veggies. I was more Vego then, so I was having a bit of tofu and stuff like just really whole foods right. And then the weight came off, 20 kilos, and I was like whoa. Holy mackerel. The weights actually just a by-product of feeling good. I was like I'm sleeping better, I'm a better version of myself, I'm happier, I'm nicer, I'm kinder, my eyes are clear, I'm vital. Now that I'm growing up or I've grown up, vitality is something that is really attractive in someone. It's so beautiful to be able to have that gift. But yeah, I felt really good and then I was just reading about superfoods. It's kind of a long story but anyway I was reading about superfoods and like blueberries and how they can cross the blood brain barrier or how broccoli can work on the salvation pathway of your liver and all this weird stuff. My mate was like you have to study this. And I was like so a nutrition degree and I was like I'm not smart enough, can't do sciences this is gonna be a nightmare. Nah. Can't. Did it. Dived in started the degree, 31 percent on my first chem exam, like proper fail and I hadn't figured out the way my brain liked to learn. So, I quickly learnt that I'm a visual so I had all these different tricks, but I would often like draw things to make me learn so in flip cards and all that and when I started to figure that out, I was like ah you got this. You'll be able to get through. And then about like halfway through my degree I was like oh don't know that I want to practice in clinic, like one-on-one. I'm very impatient. I'm a very big dreamer. And I'm super creative like my degree before nutrition was bachelor of performing arts like I thought I was gonna be the next Cate Blanchett you know. And so, I remember I was watching the Steve Irwin doco, he's amaze, and then I was like oh I wanna be like the Steve Irwin of fruits and veggies everyone's like what are you gonna do wrestle broccoli. No, no, I'm like I liked that he's using the medium of media to spread a message about something that he's passionate about. And there was this like unapologetic authenticity about him which I've frigging loved so then I saved up got three jobs bought a video camera. I lived on the Gold Coast with the DJ that I'd met, and he was a surfer so we'd go down to Byron on weekends and I'd be like "Stop the car! Banana plantation!", Give him my camera, I'd saved up, bought this camera. I jumped the fence with banana plantations start talking about bananas high in tryptophan and make you happy. Get back in the car down the road "stop the car macadamia plantation". All illegally, like jumping the fence, "macadamias like baby brains good for brain health". So, I quickly kind of gathered all this kind of like content and then I just put it on YouTube and that's how it started. It was called Lola Berry's fruits and roots. And I remember we were filming one day at this beautiful water place called Mount Warning Water and they're like "do you wanna use our helicopter to film" and I'm like oh these guys are rich mofos, what legends. Before the drone days you know. They thought I was filming a porno, Lola Berry, fruits and roots. Yeah. So very humble beginnings my friends. You talk about all the success, and there is still to this day moments like that. Absolutely.


Kareena: [00:05:48] Really?


Lola: [00:05:48] Yeah in America they're like "Oh, Lola 'Belly?'" I'm like, "No, Berry. Berry." "Belly?" Because of my logo, it's a bit funny. I'm like "Don't worry. You can understand the Coca-Cola sign, it's not hard to read." I'll get there one day.


Kareena: [00:06:02] That's fascinating. So, you worked 3 jobs just to save for a camera?


Lola: [00:06:06] Yeah. One of them was cleaning toilets and me and my mate used to send the grossest toilet photos to each other cause we were both working for the same company. Who could find like the most pubes and stuff, so gross, should not have just admitted that. Yeah, no I just think if you've got a dream like fuck you got to go for it, and you know I don't want to have regrets.


Kareena: [00:06:27] Just go for it. This seems to be the mantra that's enabled Lola to have the amazing career that so many of us aspire to. We delve a little deeper to understand the mindset behind Lola's achievements.


Lola: [00:06:39] So my favourite word in the entire world, my healer taught me this is, Numbalaya. It's an Indigenous Australian word it means to live free of fear.


Kareena: [00:06:47] Wow that's beautiful.


Lola: [00:06:48] So I mean we get fears we're human beings and we want to survive. So, like any time I get scared or something I'm like do it, do it. So, I like that, like I've been skydiving, I've swam with whale sharks, I swim out with like turtles and stuff. I'll always do things that I'm like "ugh".


Kareena: [00:07:03] Push you out of your comfort zone.


Lola: [00:07:05] Correct. I enjoy that.


Kareena: [00:07:08] Do you find you learn a lot from those experiences? About yourself?


Lola: [00:07:08] Yeah. You never forget them. I mean to be completely honest with you I should be doing it more than what I do it. I only do one really scary thing a year. When I say really scary, I'm like yeah jump out of a plane. Like you know swimming in underground sacred caves and really weird shit like I should definitely do it more because it's so liberating, and it helps you to feel free.


Kareena: [00:07:34] After realising how much she enjoyed exploring nutrition, and creating content on YouTube, Lola then made her way to television.


Lola: [00:07:42] I started on morning TV, like the jump from YouTube was then morning TV. First segment on morning TV my website crashed because people wanted to buy a book that didn't exist. And so, then I'm like shit I better start writing books and then that's how I started writing books.


Kareena: [00:07:58] Which do you prefer, TV or books?


Lola: [00:08:00] I mean TV is still my fav, so filming, like what we're doing now, I think it's such a fun medium. It's easy. It's unedited. It's not pretty, like it's what you see is what you get. So, it's still my favourite, books came as a way to create something tactile for human beings. So, I know like I love going to a book store, I like smelling books, I like touching them, I like highlighting them, I like writing in them, and I think especially with cookbooks it's beautiful. They become part of your kitchen. You know they get sauce marks on them and there's little like, whenever I sign a book, and someone brings it and it's got like little post it notes throughout it and it's messy and it's been loved. Holding something tactile is quite powerful. And I think certain humans like is it kinetic [kinaesthetic] I think it's called, where you've got to feel. Some humans are gonna want to hold something, so that was always the idea behind the book to create something tactile for humans and then they just rolled into more than I ever expected.


Kareena: [00:09:02] As we mentioned Lola has authored an incredible 10 books. We find out just how she came to publish her first book 'Inspiring Ingredients'.


Lola: [00:09:12] I just put all my segments on TV into one book and self-published it. Self-publishing is a great way to learn a truckload, about yourself, about business.


Kareena: [00:09:20] Tell me about that process then. The process of self-publishing.


Lola: [00:09:24] I was really lucky, I had a silent investor, so I was given I think like 40 grand or something. Books are really expensive if you're going to do a beautiful cooking shoot and what not. So, it was bought out under an imprint. So, I self-published it but I definitely had eyes on me, I definitely had backing, which made it obviously easy cause I could book a shoot, I could book a great food stylist and there was a lot of freedom within that to create something very beautiful. Books aren't cheap to make, especially not in Australia because we have limited resources. But I mean yeah, the process was just like this is a great idea. My advice to anyone, I'm a horrible writer and my grammar is gross, getting there though, in my first ever book there is still a recipe for this beautiful granola with rhubarb and I left the whole rhubarb recipe out. You know what I mean like get an editor, get a book editor. Maybe that's just cause I'm more creative than like you know, I'm not a great writer.


Kareena: [00:10:25] That's fair enough. Stick to your strengths and find people that can complement that.


Lola: [00:10:28] Absolutely yeah for sure.


Kareena: [00:10:30] So your first book you didn't have an editor?


Lola: [00:10:33] No, I had a ghost-writer so they basically came in and I wrote everything and then normally a ghost-writer will actually write it for you but in my case that didn't happen. I wrote it all and he kind of proofread it like three times. But no one picked up the rhubarb, still not in the book. I have to send you one of them. It's hilarious, my first one, it's out of print. I'm gonna send it to you today. I'm gonna do it as soon as I leave here.


Kareena: [00:10:53] I'd love to see it.


Lola: [00:10:56] It's called 'Inspiring Ingredients' and the name on it is my own handwriting on the front cover and I drew the dedication page.


Kareena: [00:11:05] Oh that's lovely.


Lola: [00:11:06] Yeah okay I'm sending you one.


Kareena: [00:11:06] Love it, love it. You have now written, are you up to 10 books?


Lola: [00:11:11] Ten. Yeah.


Kareena: [00:11:12] It's a lot and you release them quite regularly from what I've seen.


Lola: [00:11:17] Yeah. Two a year for a while.


Kareena: [00:11:20] And your latest one is 'Yoga Body'. How did you go from transitioning in the nutrition books that you've had quite a beautiful selection of, into a Yoga book?


Lola: [00:11:29] I just always followed Dharma. So, in Yoga there is word called "Dharma" which is basically purpose or passion. And like I got over the recipes. Like really if I'm honest you can only write so many recipe books and it gets a bit boring. And I love creating them like I had the best people in the world, but I was like "oh guys we've gotta mix this up" and my publishers were phenomenal. They were like yes let's do the yoga or let's make it all ayurvedic inspired, which is Indian medicine and even the book before that was beauty food. It was food for beauty cause I used to be a makeup artist, like they've been so amazing at amalgamating with my journey. Cause like some days I go through phases where I get more excited about skincare than food like absolutely, I'm a girl. But yeah I think I personally love sharing where I'm at in my life like recently someone said we need you to write a dating book and I was like "mate I ain't writing a dating book until there's a bloody big ring on this finger because you're not going to trust me. You're not going to think it's gonna work. "But you're like 'Sex and The City'," I'm like "Uh-uh. No. No. No." So, I mean, you just share what's real for you. So, at the moment I'm kind of like on a spiritual journey. So, I'm excited to kind of like see what comes from that and then potentially share that learning.


Kareena: [00:12:54] Having released her latest book 'The Yoga Body' we found out a little bit more about Lola's journey to practicing yoga and what she's learnt along the way.


Lola: [00:13:05] How did I start Yogs? I started at 23, I had a trainer that was like, “Yo, try Bikram.” And Bikram is like hot, hot, 40-degree heat, humidity, burns like 700 calories or something ridonculous. Same poses over and over, very boring to do over and over and over every day. The cool thing about Bikram is it's the first thing that gets people into yoga and then you start going hang on there's Hatha, there's Vinyasa, there's Yin, there's Ashtanga, there's all these different types of yoga. And so, I'm grateful for Bikram for kind of helping me discover yoga but if you said you can only do Bikram for the rest of your life I'd be like, put a fork in my eye now, it's too much sweaty clothes. A Vinyasa class you can get away with the outfit twice you know you don't need to wash it every single time and your hair and you know. Yeah, I think like yoga came to me just for trying something new and it's the one when I'm doing it, I feel like I'm exercising like I feel like I'm actually going back to my soul, I say when I teach yoga I'm sharing a gift and when I'm practicing for myself I'm taking that gift.


Kareena: [00:14:11] How do you feel that Yoga has impacted your life?


Kareena: [00:14:14] So, much like especially the spiritual, mental, emotional stuff. Very much so, like we talk about these amazing words in yoga like Shuck Shin which means to stand witness in fire. So, like I can be in a really uncomfortable business meeting and they're like "Lola we need you to be making more money" or "we don't like that concept for a book", and old ego Lola would be like "nah well I fucking like it, I want this cover, I want this" like quite aggressive whereas having learned Yoga like I can now sit in it and go "I can see what you're saying I'm feeling like this, how about we meet somewhere in the middle?" I do that like I'm sure my publishers would back me up and say yeah, we now have conversations where I'm like can we meet somewhere in between what you want and what I want.


Kareena: [00:14:59] Create that win-win scenario, for both parties.


Lola: [00:15:01] So yoga brings this and like Dharma, to live on purpose and like to live with purpose. You know there's this beautiful saying in yoga like 'Sthira Sukha' which means to be gentle but strong you know and be like strong in a relaxed manner. These beautiful sayings, I learn a lot of the spiritual stuff and then I'm moving my body and I'm getting strong and I know I can do sweet pretzel poses and all that kind of stuff as well.


Kareena: [00:15:30] How did you go about educating yourself with yoga?


Lola: [00:15:32] Well so I did my teacher training, so I just did some research, I tried out different classes I saw what teachers I resonated with cause it's hit and miss with yoga teachers, some are gonna be phenomenal, some you're gonna think I don't need to hear your life story mate. And some are gonna be like so off point, like my pet hate of a yoga teacher, you go into a class and you're like they seem like a legend, nek minute, "riiiiiiight, sooooo get the bolster...", I'm like why are you talking different. Or they'll just switch into an American accent. What's going on here mate. Because you don't have an American accent at reception, but we do have it in the room. So, like there's a lot of that and there's a lot of like wanky stuff and there's a lot of yoga instas and all that. So yeah, my thing is just like be real and I'll do that with the studio I'm at too and I will happily be I call it a yoga slut. Where you just like go to different studios and just like try one studio out and try a different class out. Like I'm not attached to any one studio, and I'll follow a teacher often as well.


Kareena: [00:16:38] In 2016 Lola expanded her brand once again and opened a health and wellness Café named Happy Place. With A range of products on offer including smoothie balls healthy meals juices and even elixirs, Happy Place is a one stop shop designed to make you feel great. Hear how Lola began this exciting new venture.


Lola: [00:16:58] To be honest I was completely against it. For years my friend Sal who was my business partner, he owns St Ali, bless his cotton socks he is so amazing and he's quite a business mentor to me. And if you ever see this Sal, I love you lots. He was like for eight years, he was like when are we doing this. When are we doing this? When are we doing this, and try, and we nearly got off the ground a few times and I was like ugh I'm living in Sydney like cause I've been in Sydney the last five years. I was like man, I don't see myself working it. I kept saying I don't see myself in there like I'll get frustrated, I'll get very impatient. And then finally he was like we need to do this. He goes you don't need to be based in Melbourne. You don't need to work it. You just need to write the menu and believe in it; kind of thing and I was like boom. And it just started and rolled from there. It's been great, it's been a labour of love. Like it's been a great lesson. Big lessons for me in managing personalities and that that's not my skill set. So, I was like woah there's these moments of like all of a sudden, you're looking after these humans. I wasn't prepared for that but now I'm like they're my babies. You know like these girls are amazing but like you're managing ups and downs and hormones if you've got like 19-year-old staff, but beautiful and really beautiful. I get really excited if they take it upon themselves and create like the elixirs. That was one of our beautiful staff members called Tori and Kira and they created them together. I get so blown away when the girls get really excited and create something. So, it's so worth it. Probably one of my biggest or bigger learning curves business wise and it's funny Sal called yesterday and he's like what do you think of doing this and doing this and I'm like oh shit. Here we are again. I say like no I'm not gonna write another food book, no I'm not going to do another one and I'm like oh nek minute here we are. And all great lessons.


Kareena: [00:19:00] With several businesses that fall under the Lola Berry umbrella we discuss how Lola has come to develop her brand over the years.


Lola: [00:19:09] I've never really seen myself as like a brand anyway. Like I get that I have businesses and I've like you know written books and all that kind of stuff. I don't like the idea of attaching an ego to that. I just see everything I create as like a celebration of something I love. It sounds hippy and wuwu. Business lessons - tell the truth when you fuck up. I bought out a diet plan called 'Stop Being a Fat Bitch', didn't go down so well. The Daily Mail were like 'career suicide, Lola Berry' was on like fucking A Current Affair, everything. I was legally gagged. All my work stuff was ice like, lots of money and contracts was put on ice, horrible, so all I was allowed to do was like a 15 second apology video on Instagram when that's how long videos used to be, and that ran on A Current Affair the next night like it was horrible. I'd go to yoga and people would be 'like how do you...' And I'm like fuck off like I don't want to talk to anyone about this right now. I've apologized I know I've done the wrong thing, and the coolest thing is I would still to this day say it was the biggest business lesson of my life and the health influences were the worst. So, people what I thought would have had my back. They used it as a platform to promote themselves. It was so fucked up and I can tell you on one hand who had my back in a business perspective. And so, I just now I don't type my career for granted and I generally know if I go to a fucking influencer event that half the room are fucking dickheads which we all know. No one says it though. If you want to be famous, you might be a wanker. Just sayin’. I mean I'm in the world I'm allowed to say it. And there have been times in my life when I have completely from ego and completely like attached my self-worth to how many followers I've had or how many people have bought my books or how many events I've been to, like a thousand percent I've definitely done that.


Kareena: [00:21:05] But that's easy to do, we're coaxed into thinking that's the metric for success and personal fulfillment almost when it's totally different.


Lola: [00:21:12] I mean it's a very great recipe for feeling empty.


Kareena: [00:21:16] So how did you deal with that kind of backlash? You mentioned from a business perspective but personally.


Lola: [00:21:22] Business perspective I just straight out apologised. So, I was just like I'd rather call a spade a spade. I fucked up. I'm human. I know I'm kind. So, I'm like we all fuck up shit happens. So, I was just really open about that. Personally, I called out the situation so I had an uncomfortable situation with one person I thought would have had my back and I was like, “Yo, I was flying solo then and I didn't feel like I should have been flying solo then.” So, I called out a few situations that were personal and addressed that and then you know what the cool people were like Oh my God I didn't even realize and were amazing and apologized. And whereas other fucking dingoes were like nah. And I was like great. It was a really beautiful lesson they say. Like when you're cool and successful and fucking go into the openings of fashion launches and fucking got a smoothie bar and bestselling books and all that shit everyone wants to be your mate, everyone wants to be, you're successful, to them you're rich, you've got fucking car deals all this shit.


Kareena: [00:22:23] And it's a life that many aspire to.


Lola: [00:22:26] A thousand percent. Yeah, Right. Everyone wants to be your mate, shit fucks up, it's like putting a light switch and cockroaches going running. And so that's what taught me like I can now go to an event and I'm like no one in this room cares about me and that's okay. I care about myself and I've got my own back and I also know that these are still important places to do networking and all that kind of thing. But like. Yeah. Just call it as I say it.


Kareena: [00:22:54] This authenticity is something that is also frequently demonstrated throughout Lola's Instagram profile. The way we see it, much of Lola's success on the platform and through other mediums is because of her ability to stay true to who she is and abide by this one rule.


Lola: [00:23:11] Well my only rule with insta is just be fucking real. So, I'm like I'm at this event like you'll see I did one from the car I got here early, and I was like, “Yo, what is it? I'm early for a podcast.” I'm Virgo. This is a good thing. This is what I learnt today, and I just like shared what felt real in that moment to me. I think I also made a throwaway line about how shit my hair looks today. Well not shit but like it was like that or something. You know what I mean, I don't know I just share whatever's real for me in that moment and doesn't seem to fault with me it works really well. I like it. It's less curated and it's honest.


Kareena: [00:23:53] How do you balance then what you want to share and what maybe you don't?


Lola: [00:23:57] I feel it in my heart like sometimes you want a little bit of something special to stay secret for a little while. So, you can feel when that needs to happen. You don't feel the pressure to divulge everything. I mean people wanting to know more and more about their favourite influences.


Lola: [00:24:11] Yeah. I'm pretty honest. I write back to everyone every dm I write back.


Kareena: [00:24:16] That's impressive considering your following and how many people I imagine are writing.


Lola: [00:24:20] Yeah, I've gotten into a habit of it now, whether I'll do it forever or not I don't know I've got friends that are, like YouTubers and influences with like half a million followers and they're like don't open the DM’s you're opening Pandora's box. And I can understand that. It's also very time consuming. But at the moment it's working for me. Whether it does forever or not I don't know. I guess this is the yogi side, I'm not really attached to anything so like if it needs to change like change is really the only thing that's constant to me. So yeah, I mean I just share what feels real if I want to keep something private or like sometimes, I'll be at a cafe with a friend and I'll take a photo but then drop it on insta after we've left. If I just want that moment to feel private, and I learned that early on, that friend that texted me right as we got here, we did yoga together one day and she goes can you not put that up till after we've left. I was like totally. And she taught me that like fucking five years ago.


Kareena: [00:25:21] So then what is the message that you're wanting to convey through these social platforms that you have a following with?


Lola: [00:25:26] Be real. Live from the heart. Do you. And like I guess like nurture yourself because I think that the underlying message whether it be a health book a yoga book or anything, I'm hopefully helping people and helping them to nurture their hearts their spirits their body their mind. And so, I'd like to think that that's what's shared on my Insta and platforms as well. So, I think it comes back to like the ultimate goal is to help humanity and that's where I'll always check in with my purpose and it always generally comes down to something like that.


Kareena: [00:26:02] How do you define your purpose?


Lola: [00:26:04] Just by feeling in my heart like I will feel what feels real. And if I was to define it, it would be to help, to create a space where people feel like they can become who they innately are. Because I don't think that many people live real.


Kareena: [00:26:23] Do you think social media is playing a big role in that?


Lola: [00:26:26] Fuck yeah. We all want fucking those beautiful yoga abs I can promise you I've only got them in the morning after breakfast they are goneskis. Everyone on my yoga are like hot damn you've got abs and I'm like yeah, I shot that at 7a.m. in the morning.


Kareena: [00:26:41] Before I'd eaten.


Lola: [00:26:41] Yeah and in the lead up to that yoga shoot I was eating fucking fish and broccoli every night you know like loads of avocado, and the body fucking responds to that shit quick.


Kareena: [00:26:54] Lola mentioned that people need to learn to nurture themselves more. So, we asked her for a few tips on just how you can do this.


Lola: [00:27:04] The first and probably most important thing like if don't do this then nothing else will work like no diet will work, you won't be compliant you know you will go to one yoga class and that'll be it, you'll meditate for two days or a week and then you'll drop it, if you don't love yourself you will not value yourself. The amount of clients I had when I practised as a nutritionist that are like "I want to look good in bikinis for this boy', I was that girl totally, or "I want to look good for this wedding" or "I've just got to fit this" and I'm like I can do this, we can do this together. I can put you on a beautiful clean diet you're going to cut all the refined sugar and we're gonna pull the gluten back you know we're going to get you the result. But if you're not doing it because you love who you are, you will not maintain these results. Think about it if we do things for other people, or an extrinsic value outside of ourselves, we're doing it for the wrong reasons. If we're doing it because intrinsically, we want to feel good, because we actually love who we are. We will get long lasting results.


Kareena: [00:28:03] So how do you change that mindset then? To get people to start loving themselves?


Lola: [00:28:07] You've gotta feel. Which is fucking scary.


Kareena: [00:28:10] Terrifying, for most.


Lola: [00:28:11] Yeah, and in order to feel you have to be okay with feeling pain. And we have to often go through and learn what you need to learn to get through. I've got a therapist and my therapist said to me last week, I want to work on forgiveness with you, and I was like for what. I'm grateful for every experience I've had, and he's like you need to forgive yourself for dating a narcissist for the last three years four years and I was like what? I'm like they were good lessons and he's like and enough lessons Lola, you've had the same lesson over and over and P.S. to anyone who I've dated I'm sorry to share that. Sorry, not all of you were that, not all of you were that. But you know and he's like and I want to forgive yourself for putting yourself in this situation that you were in recently, and I was like, but I learned from this, he's like yeah enough. You're learning the same lesson. He's like you're putting yourself in the same environment where you're constantly playing a victim and he's like right forgive yourself now. So, you have to delve into it feel shit, be okay with fucking up basically and then go Oh, I actually deserve to love who I am. That's when it all changes and when you love who you are and I remember I hung out with this person years ago and they were like, “You're too weird.” Like, that's a pretty negative thing to say to someone. You know you're too this, you're too driven, don't even bring your laptop to my house and I'm like, “I can't fucken date you if you're not gonna let me work while I'm hanging out with you.” And I was okay with that because I was like, “No, no! I need to learn this, I need to learn to drop my ego.” Like, I was trying to get the lesson in it, but that was because I actually wasn't loving who I was. I love that I'm weird. I love that I'm driven. I love that I take my laptop where I go. Do you know what I mean?


Lola: [00:30:04] Because I had low self-worth, I was okay with that. I think it's about like actually facing what you need to face, being okay with the uncomfy stuff and then going actually I'm a pretty okay human. And I think that that's where the magic comes. But you've got to do the work and that's what people are so scared of most. I'd say 90 percent of Western population lives safe. Which is in that, not knowing, we were talking about realness and all that.


Kareena: [00:30:31] Yes. Not really pushing the boundaries.


Lola: [00:30:34] Yeah, not real love, not real passion. And I thought well I don't want to live with regrets. I don't want to wake up and be like what if I didn't live that passion or what if I didn't try that idea or what if I didn't. And the reality is all my failures are awesome like that diet plan was stupid but fuck I learnt who had my back. I learned how to be strong. I learned how to apologise. I learned how to own my share. You know I mean, nothing really bad comes from failure. And real entrepreneurs revel in failing.


Kareena: [00:31:04] Whilst not labelling herself as a brand does, she considers herself an entrepreneur?


Lola: [00:31:10] Probably not a lot of people use it to describe me. People say this about me that I'm 30 percent hippie, 70 percent business and I probably am that ratio. I definitely delve sometimes into the hippier a little heavier. And then I'll delve into that business heavy as well. And I go through these like beautiful ebbs and flows, because I see myself living in a treehouse one day. So, I mean there's a big chunk of the hippie. But then I still see myself having like a studio and filming from it and you know I like building a whole team and I'm like okay so the business ain't going nowhere. No not really as an entrepreneur but I see myself like having an unorthodox job.


Kareena: [00:31:52] With such a diverse and prosperous career in the health and wellness space, we ask Lola for some advice to help those of you who are wishing to pursue a similar path.


Lola: [00:32:02] Drop your ego and figure out why you want to actually do it, cause if you want to be famous, you're gonna fail. It'll be short lived. Absolutely short lived. I've watched friends, I've watched people that I thought were my friends go through master chef and come out like up here and have the shittiest egos I've ever seen and just like plummet. If you're in it for the wrong reasons you will not succeed and even if you do it's gonna be one short-lived and two your heart is gonna feel empty and when your heart feels empty you can only maintain that for so long. But I've been there too. I'm not saying it like Woo I'm like this really amazing, but I've absolutely been in it for the wrong reasons I remember I got asked to do this segment on TV. It was right after the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, so like November time, and they're like can you talk about how to have a Victoria's Secret body. And I went on did my segment I was like, “Yo eat fish, broccoli, chicken, don't use any sugar in your diet” and I talked about it and I got off TV and I started crying and I was like hang on I want to inspire people. Why the fuck did I just go on TV and tell people how to have an unattainable model's diet. Those models they water fast, they calorie restrict, they overtrain, under consume like it's the recipe works but they don't maintain that shape. Most the time they're healthy, going to yoga like balance, have acai bowl here and there, you know but when it's like shoot season like a lot of them there's stories they water fast, and they don't eat for a couple of weeks. There’re all these stories and absolutely not everyone does that but like it happens. And I remember thinking on TV when I was doing that segment, I was like fuck. You're not inspiring anybody least of all yourself. And I hung up my boots at that stage, I was like you need to figure your fuckin values out right now. And that's when I enrolled in yoga teacher training cause I was like I need to figure out what my value system is because it was getting lost.


Kareena: [00:33:57] Understanding your personal values is important if you wish to have longevity in anything you do. Lola shares her value system with us and how these guiding principles impact all facets of her life.


Lola: [00:34:10] Kindness. Realness. Love. I live from love. I make all my business choices from love. I make my friendship choices from love, relationships, everything comes from a feeling. Always. So, I recently actually ended a friendship and I said I don't feel free with this situation, I've lost my freedom here. And I made this call out of love, like from my heart. And it sounds like a really horrible thing to say but I had to share what was real for me. So, like yeah, my values would be kindness, real, love. And then that word Numbalaya, to live free of fear. They would be my pillars, my four big pillars.


Kareena: [00:35:09] Do you think that self-awareness is something that you need to be able to achieve that?


Lola: [00:35:13] Totally. I mean like I said I've got a therapist. I've done so much work on myself. If you interviewed me even a year ago it would be a different human being. I have literally dedicated a big chunk of my life to righto "Lola let's sort through", my childhood wasn't perfect. You know what I mean let's sort through this shit, let's learn what we need to learn from it so that it doesn't impact every choice that you make, that brings it back down to low self-worth or I'm not good enough or self-doubt. And I'm not saying I've had the worst thing in the world happen to me. No not by any stretch of the imagination but we've all been through shit, and unless you deal with it, it can kind of leave a mark. And so, I've really worked so hard after those like three or four yucky dating situations, I was like right there's something not right in me if I'm going for this same quality trait right where I'm always getting a lesson, I'm always finding a teacher as opposed to a lover. I'm always going for these like ginormous lessons. And that's when I was like you actually, if you want to be the most successful person in the world in whatever field, health entrepreneur, whatever, get a fucking therapist because your brain and your mental health and your emotional health and your spiritual IQ trumps intelligence any day of the week. I can walk into a room with really smart men like CEOs and I can literally look at them and go you're dumb, dummy, really emotionally. You can see ego. I actually shared this story with my friend this morning. I caught up with this person and I sat down, I rocked up at the cafe right on time and this person was meeting me and he looked up at me when I sat down and he looked back at his laptop and he's like I just need to finish this email and I thought, this is awkward so I sat there three four minutes just like fidgeting it was kind of a date too.. This is a while ago, this is ages ago. And I sat there like fidgeting I didn't really know what to do and I was like this is so uncomfortable. This dickhead has got such a fucking big ego, that I need to watch him be important. It was the biggest red flag that I ignored stupidly. When I told my friend she's like wasn't that a red flag for you. I was like yes. Now when I say it out loud it's a massive red flag. But he had really high intelligence like regular IQ, like very high so I was like oh he's fucking smart. This is cool. But Poof, like the other stuff, it was just like ego and power and power is like misused. I think it's really dangerous. In business as well. Like if someone did that to me in a business meeting I'd be like if I'm wasting your time right now, I'm more than happy to leave. You know like I walk in and have a meeting with my business partner Sal, and I walk in and even if he's on the phone he's like kiss, hug, we always hug. Then we get down to business. Respect, love, kindness. You come back to these pillars. And him and I have had really uncomfortable conversations, but they come from respect which means it's safe and it's very honest. And he'd never sit there and do an email, or he'd go babe I'm so sorry, I quickly need to do this. He'd address it and I'd be like no worries. And I'll sit there and do an e-mail while I'm waiting, do you know what I mean. Very different.


Kareena: [00:38:37] As spoken about earlier, mindset has become a prevalent topic of conversation both in the business and health world. But spirituality is something that's not spoken about quite as much. For Lola however, this is something that's very important to focus on. And she explains how it works for her.


Lola: [00:38:55] Well if you don't know who you are in your heart it's really hard to work on your mental health. You still need to actually figure out how you fit. Mental health and emotional health very much amalgamated. You can do all the work on making sure your serotonin is at the right level and your dopamine’s at the right level. But unless you're actually sitting with feelings, you won't get too far. So, I think that they're much more intertwined than what people think. And when we talk about spiritual health, I'm not saying do 50 yoga classes a week and meditate morning and night, I mean yes, I've just done my Reiki course and I'm Reiki-ing every day at the moment but that's because I love it. It's not because I'm like tick tock got to get my Reiki in you know like I just enjoy it. So, I think spiritual health comes from when you're living from the heart and doing what you love.


Kareena: [00:39:43] Having achieved so much already, we ask Lola what's in store for her next.


Lola: [00:39:52] So much. I actually feel like I'm in a bit of a turning point at the moment like I actually said that this morning. I feel like there's some new beginnings coming which is really exciting for me. And the cool thing is I don't know how they're going to look and I'm really comfortable with that, for the first time in my life. So, I'm a Virgo. Control. I like to be planned out. You work hard you get results, doesn't always work out that way. And so now I'm like oh these things feel really good in my heart. I'm going to follow them. And so now I'm living a different way. I'm living probably a much more spiritually attuned life, as opposed to yes, I've got this goal, I want this book out by this day it needs to sell these many copies and then I get to say I'm a bestseller. And then once I've done that my ego's happy and da-da-da-da. Now I'm kind of like Oh how is it going to feel if I don't write a book this year. And I follow a different part of what I love, you know I mean. Like there's nothing wrong with following your intuition. So, I feel like I'm moving more that way which is exciting.


Kareena: [00:40:55] It's very exciting.


Lola: [00:40:56] And I just gave you such a drawn-out answer, I realised I gave you nothing.


Kareena: [00:40:59] I liked it still, it's great. So, thank you so much for joining us on Loop App, oh, In the Loop, sorry, can't even get my own name right.


Lola: [00:41:10] I love that you stuffed up your own company name then. I don't want you to bleep that out, I want this to stay. That is real it's gotta stay in.


Kareena: [00:41:18] Oh my gosh.


Lola: [00:41:19] I'm holding you to that.


Kareena: [00:41:21] But thank you very much. I really loved you coming in. I learnt a heap. I know.


Lola: [00:41:25] So fun.


Kareena: [00:41:29] Thank you. And that brings us to the end of our interview Loopers. Thank you so much for joining us. To continue learning more about Lola's journey, we've topped all the links to her socials in our show description so be sure to check them out. And as always, we want to hear your feedback. For us to keep bringing you more of what you love, let us know what you thought of today's episode by leaving us a star rating or writing a review. And don't forget to subscribe so you can be notified every time we release a new episode. We'll be back again next week with another episode of In the Loop where we chat about the business end of being an influencer. Catch you then.