Policies & Guidelines

Video Quality

Ever tried to watch a very grainy, pixelated video that looks like you’re looking at a blur of shadows instead of a beautiful cinematic movie? It’s not a great experience. To avoid potential and future Oyana members going through this, we ask that any promotion that uses video content has a reasonably high-resolution. This will enable viewers to clearly see your great content and encourage them to buy your video workouts.

Social Handles & Tags

We need to do a bit of work to get prospective members in the loop. We have a number of social channels that we utilise to promote our service and even some campaign tags that are used at various points in the year. We ask that you include these in any social posts related to the Marketing Schedule so we can start spreading the Oyana word and getting people excited for your new products! 


Here is a list of our social handles and tags for our social media channels:



Twitter: @oyana_app




We also do the same for you! We tag you in any content that you’re featured in and that is promoted through our owned media channels so our audience can learn more about who you are. While we have no problem with you reposting our content, please note that any reposts of content will not be counted towards any marketing obligations. If you have any questions about this, please contact

Incorporating other brands, business and companies

We understand that the fitness, health and wellness space is full of some great apparel, equipment, supplement and food and beverage brands to name a few but unfortunately, we can’t feature them in any of our Oyana content or related posts.


The reason for this is we simply don’t have permission to cross-promote. Brands are very protective of their business and as such, we don’t want to upset anyone. We ask that you don’t include any of the items listed below within Oyana content or posts unless we have provided written permission to do so. For this to occur, we would need to liaise with the brand, company or business directly to ensure that everyone’s happy for this to go ahead.


Restricted Items: Please don’t include, feature or voice the following items if related to Brand, Company or Business that is not Oyana:

  • Products

  • Apparel (Where logo is visible)

  • Equipment (Where logo is visible)

  • Props (Where the logo is visible)

  • Graphics  

  • Graphical Elements 

  • Logos

  • Taglines

  • Catch Phrases 

  • Text 

  • Verbal Endorsements 

  • Tags 

  • Handles or Campaign Tags


This isn’t an exhaustive list and if you would like further clarification or have questions, we’re always happy to answer them so please contact      


It’s hard to have a workout video without the right wardrobe and given the amazing range of activewear options available, we have no doubt that you’ll want to show off your kit within Oyana content. Of course, we need you to remain clothed and we don’t mind what you wear as long as it doesn’t conflict with any of our policies, specifically our “Nudity” and “Incorporating other Brands” Policies.  


If you have any further questions about this, please contact


While some people may enjoy exercising without clothes, we ask that all content related to Oyana and its products showcase people with clothes on, so no nudity please! Videos containing nudity are not permitted on Oyana or in association with the platform and videos featuring individuals in revealing clothing may also be rejected. 

Vulgar Language

We understand that some people may find swear words and other forms of profanity and vulgar language offensive, so we ask that you refrain from using such words or phrases within your Oyana content and related posts. Some language is just not appropriate for younger audiences and we want everyone to feel that they can view your content without worrying about these little things.

Do's & Don'ts 



Feature Products

Feature Oyana product in your posts and stories within the first 3-seconds either visually or audibly. Please either show your mobile phone, TV or laptop showcasing Oyana content or mention Oyana to help people make the connection.

Feature Equipment not in your Program:

If you are demonstrating a workout or exercise using equipment within your content, please ensure it is featured in your program. If not, it can be construed as misleading and deceptive conduct. (We don’t like legal jargon either so let’s avoid it)

Tag & use hashtags

Tag in both your caption (not comment field) and on the media used in your post whether a photo or video and in your stories. This helps us re-share it and promote you!

Use brand hahtags

Include brand hashtags; #oyana #oyanaapp & campaign hashtags when instructed.

Tag or feature other brands in your Oyana posts

To avoid looking spammy and getting us in trouble with other brands that we (Oyana) are not affiliated with, avoid tagging other brands in your Oyana posts and stories.

This includes but is not limited to activewear with large over labels, product placement, etc.


They should be Oyana focused ONLY.

Include relevant links in ‘Swipe-Ups’

Use your personal app URL or campaign URL’s where required. All stories should include a swipe-up element.

Take note of your media requirements

Where your obligations specifically state that the post is to be a photo or a video, please adhere to these. A photo will not replace a video unless express permission has been granted by Oyana.

Don’t bundle your requirements

Where your requirements outline 1x per week or 10x per week, please ensure they are completed within the specified timeframe. These requirements will not be carried over week-by-week. If they’re not completed within their specified timeframe, that would result in a failure to meet obligations.

Promote your post as your story

Ensure content is relevant

These marketing requirements are designed to help you promote your program. Please use them wisely - this means that you should linking it back to your programs within the caption and demonstrating your skills (i.e. fitness, yoga, Pilates, meditation) within the media.

Include a Call-To-Action

While we understand why this is done, it’s not the purpose of the posts and stories. They should complement each other but should not be used as the same media. Stories that do this will not be counted.

Repost Oyana content

You’re welcome to repost any content that we share, however, these will not count towards your marketing obligations. Your stories are required to originate from your account.

Always ask your audience to follow through with an action whether it’s the Free Trial or Start a Session.

Any other bad stuff

Post Monday-Thursday

Health & Fitness content performs best during these days so limit your Oyana posts & stories to these days of the week.

You know what we mean, vulgar language, nudity, offensive or discriminatory statements of any kind, etc.

Pair posts & stories

Your content performs best when your post is paired with a story and released on the same day.


We're always happy to field any questions you may have about our Guidelines and Policies, so please reach out to us via email at

Last Updated: February 2020

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