We’ve all experienced this at some point in our lives. We’ve all grown and changed with the pace of our lives, lifestyle and bodies. We don’t want to limit you to the same big-box solutions - repackaged and rebranded as something new. Why not find something flexible that fits you whenever and wherever you are in your life? Why try to fit in with the mass market trends and the latest fads when they don’t suit you? And that’s why Oyana exists today - to let you stay in the loop with what your body, schedule and health needs.    

While all our needs may differ, we believe that there is a common theme that unites us. We aspire to be more positive, more confident and most importantly, have the freedom to be our amazing selves. We seek to bring movement back into our lives with exercise, to nourish our bodies with healthy food and to practice taking care of our minds as well as our bodies all while connecting with other people looking to do the same. Most importantly, we want to do it in a way that felt intuitive to us so we could sustain our new-found inspiration. 


And so, we started Oyana


Oyana was founded with the belief that fitness, health and wellness industries should be empowering people to connect as they embark on their personal journey towards a more positive, confident and kick-ass self. Rather than asking them to fit into a box that serves a select few. 

Our idea was born as we witnessed, first hand, that the existing industry mold didn’t fit all shapes, sizes or circumstances and we didn’t want to sit by any longer and watch family and friends search for a solution that didn’t exist.



Over dinner one night, our Mum Helen began detailing her latest health and fitness inspiration. As a woman that had struggled with her weight for most of her life, injured her knee years earlier resulting in limited mobility and who proclaimed that she had “tried every diet under the sun,” she was left, once again, attempting to fit into a box that wasn’t made for her. 


We believe that there is a solution for every person at every stage of their lives. 


By creating a home for all fitness, health and wellness solutions, we deliver to you, high-quality content from influencers that seek to positively impact the lives of each member of our community. By sharing their knowledge, passion and purpose with our members, we want to bring to life the change that is needed in the industry by people, who, just like you, have their own unique take on fitness, health and wellness. As a team, it’s our mission to educate and inspire our community to help #youdoyou.


We’re committed to providing each person with access to the solution they want and need, anywhere, anytime.


As you embark on this journey, it is our hope that you connect, share and support each other through this experience to become a more positive, confident and empowered you.



To harness the power of technology and empower every person to...






To make fitness, health and wellness solutions easily accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere.



People First

People are at the heart of everything we do. Every decision is designed help each person grow and evolve all while feeling supported, included and inspired to help others. 

Forward Thinking

We believe in challenging the status quo. To create the change we want to see in the world. Living with purpose and striving to positively impact those around us.

Share your journey

Every experience in life is enhanced when shared. We are committed to being with you for the long-haul and wish to empower our community to learn and grow as they connect with each other.  




Kareena Mitsios

"I don't believe that we should settle for something just because we've been told that's our only option. We should work hard to create the change we want to see."

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Con Mitsios

"There's no reason for the fitness, health and wellness industries to be falling behind when it comes to technology. The only way to overcome this is to provide people with access to it so they can continue to spread their message."


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